Finding a Mortgage Broker in Manchester

Finding a good mortgage broker in Manchester was the hardest part about buying a house for me. I found that most lenders were poorly informed, excruciatingly slow and more trouble that they were worth… In the end I gave up on the high street and went to an independent mortgage broker. Halelluah! If only I’d have discovered them sooner… Here’s my story:

I’ve finally completed the sale of my 3 bedroomed house on the Astley / Leigh border in Greater Manchester. It sold for a little over £200,000 after having been on the market for over 6 months. The problem wasn’t that nobody was interested in buying the house, instead it was me not being able to secure a decent mortgage deal. In the end, when the buyers were thinking of looking elsewhere I finally secured a mortgage offer, but I had to go to an independent mortgage broker to secure my mortgage.

houses in ManchesterI’d had my house on the market with a local estate agent and wasn’t moving far – I’d identified a nice new build property, still in Astley and Leigh with Rowland Homes (see I’d received an offer on my house, everything was going smoothly so I put a £5,000 deposit down and looked forward to moving.

Soon after I started getting concerned that my currently mortgage lender (who will remain nameless) was not interested in providing me with a mortgage for my new house. Apparently, because I’d recently gone overdrawn at the bank this had raised a red flag with them and they therefore weren’t going to loan me the money for my new house.

More fool them I thought, someone else will lend me the money, but as time went on I was turned down time and time again from the well known High Street lenders like HSBC and Halifax. In the end I sort out an independent mortgage advisor. It was the best thing I did. What independent means is that companies like this can offer you mortgages from anyone, whereas lenders like RBS and Skipton will only sell you their own products.

Mortgage Advisers in Manchester
There were several mortgage brokers in the Manchester area who could advise me but I eventually settled on a company that had a lot of knowledge around the Leigh and Astley area and were well respected throughout Manchester (I looked at their Google Reviews.) This company was called Manchester Mortgages and the first thing they did was to calm me down (I had been getting more and more stressed as time went by without me having a mortgage offer). The second thing they did was get me a mortgage offer THE SAME DAY! I couldn’t believe it… HSBC had kept me hanging on for weeks before telling me that they couldn’t help, and Manchester Mortgages got me a mortgage offer the same day that I went to see them?!?! Incredible service!

So this blog of mine is about mortgages and housing. I’ll be covering topics like

  • mortgage brokers
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  • life assurance
  • insurance

And all with a focus on Greater Manchester. If you have any questions please contact me and we’ll go from there. My advice is free.

Mortgage Brokers across the whole of the North West
From 2018 we’ll be expanding our mortgage brokering and advice service across the whole of north west England and covering the areas of the M56 (Chester, Northwich, Frodsham, Warrington), Liverpool, Ellesmere Port and the Wirral, Halifax, Huddersfield and Blackburn, plus Macclesfield, Knutsford and Dunham Massey. For more details go here.

Above: Map to mortgage broker in Didsbury, Manchester

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