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What to consider if you are selling your house in Swinton, Monton or Worsley

I am looking to buy my first house and I am looking around the Swinton, Monton, Worsley area. One of the things I need to find is a decent local mortgage broker.

I am not looking to buy a palace but the state some buyers show / leave their properties to be viewed leaves a lot to be desired.

worsley houseIt does not take 5 minutes to tidy up – I have lost count of the times I have been shown around properties in both Monton and Worsley with the owners underwear (both men’s and women’s ) drying on the radiators, unmade beds and children’s toys all over the floor !

The state of people’s bathrooms is also an eye opener – black mould all round the bath, towels on the floor and condensation running down the walls due to condensation and lack of ventilation. There was a house in Swinton that was particularly bad.

Manchester Mortgages in Swinton got me a great mortgage deal for two Manchester properties I was interested in buying: one in Monton and the other is Worlsey. The Manchester Mortgages office is in Swinton – see below

Manchester mortgage brokers and advisors in Swinton were local enough to provide really sound mortgage advice for both purchases in Monton and Worsley.

And now, back to the state of some of the properties… Kitchens full of unwashed pots in the sink, broken tiles and dripping taps all do not add to the saleability of the property.

Peoples bold choices of wall colour or wallpaper in rooms may appeal to the owner but if selling I would suggest each room is toned down so that a potential purchaser can see the opportunity to change the appearance of the room at a modest cost rather than thinking the whole house will need redecorating straight away.

Again I would suggest that if your property has the benefit of a garden you spend a little time tidying it up so that it can be shown as an advantage rather than a disadvantage to the buyer.

To conclude – if you are selling your property use Manchester Mortgages in Swinton, and if you are wanting a mortgage brokering service in Worsley or Monton, think how a potential purchaser will look at your property – try and think of the advantages your property has and make the most of them – any negatives should also be addressed – keep things tidy and you should not have any problems selling your property.

Also try and be in when potential viewers come round rather than leaving it up to the estate agent – after all you know the house a lot better than the estate agent- I have loss count of the time an estate agent has told me ‘this is the living room ‘ ‘ this is the bathroom ‘ – not rocket science – try asking an estate agent how old the boiler is, when were the electrics last replaced, how old is the kitchen, what the council tax is, how much does it cost for gas and electric each month – they will not have a clue !