Fender-American-Special-Telecaster-Electric-Guitar-3-Colour-SunburstMy main guitar is a 3 colour sunburst Fender American Special Telecaster – just as shown here.

Funnily, when I got the guitar I wasn’t that taken with it, I was playing a Strat at the time with a very low action but over the next few months forced myself to play the Tele. After several months of on/off playing I remember that the guitar clicked with me, perhaps it needed breaking in, I don’t know. Now, I don’t really play the Strat at all, I try to from time to time but it doesn’t feel right anymore.

Playing the Telecaster just gets better. When you play a guitar as much as I do you start to develop a bond with your instrument, it just does what you will it to do, it’s a special thing really.