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Quality Digital Transcription Service at Affordable Prices

Digital transcription of interviews, coaching, client meetings, dictation by tape, transcript of handwritten texts, transcription of manuscripts, video recordings and language files of all Art. Professional Office service, secretarial services and other Office services from 99 Euros per month.

You dictate just fast and your thoughts, ideas, notes, discussion contents, notes on conversation content, important content from telephone conversations etc. on tape and I convenient it as quickly for you.

You have to dictate much? Then, take advantage of my offer and book your typist/Secretary, from 99 Euros per month. This base-price package includes all the accumulated paperwork, writing from dictation recordings, etc and I gladly accept your phone calls/customer calls in your absence. Like field of activity within this price framework can also be extended or adapted to your requirements. Your clear advantage is that a settlement would occupy after tape or dictation minutes, there is no “dictation”limit and your urgent letters I am writing also on the weekend, after conclusion of service and holidays. A specially equipped server available would be to upload of your dictations by me!

Dictation via phone or dictations for band, especially for lawyers and all those who have to dictate much. Rush orders – night and weekend service.

Corrections of your transcriptions (price negotiable) data collection: data entry, data analysis, surveys, creation of address files in Excel, creating customer letters, form letters, creating address lists including labels and shipping to customers via email or in the post, statistics, survey results, evaluation of feedback sheets etc.

Demand for Time-Stamping in Digital Transcription

Centered on client demands for digital transcription, we are able to place time-stamp or an obvious time-code observing roughly every 30 seconds and the start afterwards. In interviews, for instance time-code may indicate the start of a solution, followed closely by every 30 seconds into the response’s period. Just continuities that are complete provide body code that is correct time and the full time signal is likely to be placed every 30 seconds if the video is unstructured as the truth is Television.

The word complete continuity log may suggest an exact comprehensive cut-by-cut digital transcription that’s the whole discussion, audio, hints, breaks, on-screen artwork, picture explanations, time-code and toes or body as relevant, a period signal recognizing is completed on the cut-by-cut foundation or for every type of dialog as preferred. Time-code usually doesn’t protect questions but just the solutions that are provided.

Your chosen method of digital transcription is a DVD rather than VHS. We provide period programming from digital-audio documents for example MP3 which have clear time-code and cassettes. Time-stamps may also be supplied in the place of time-code. Time-stamping applies only within the master recording to the top of the table, beginning with:00:00. Correct time-stamping is just a fundamental requirement of putting subtitles and sayings towards the movie.

You are able to get of our free-trial supply of 5 minutes of audio movie which may be submitted with no strings to the host for digital transcription. We shall react instantly and just once you are completely pleased with our quality result you have to trust us the entire task, which is sent at fees and to you mistake-free within remarkably quick recovery period. We transcribe delicate substance that requires to become totally verbatim for authorized reasons and are ready to remove.